My cat is a nerd, he pretends like he doesn’t care but he totally missed me while I was at FanExpo this weekend, I can tell because normally when I let him into my room he sniffs around and then wanders out after fifteen minutes but today he decided to sleep on my bed for a while and when I disturbed him by leaving to go to the bathroom he resettled on top of my suitcase and now he’s asleep there.

The sheer number of posts in my lions tag that are also tagged with some variant of “literally me” is not to be believed.



It really doesn’t matter how big or how small they are, all cats are fucking adorable morons.



Anonymous asked:

What do you believe hell will be like?


One great big awesome party with cats and confetti.

Lucifer is bringing ice cream cake!

I read this out loud and my friend literally choked on her ice cream.

Anonymous asked:

bisexuality isn't real :///





so anexpansionlikegold, is there room for me in the “people who don’t exist” club? can it be a club? can i make shirts?

the shirts can say “I am imaginary so leave me alone”

don’t mind if i do


i need this desperately


I like talking about my primordial lizard brain even though I know it is a bullshit over simplistic understanding of biology

It’s just a phrase that resonates with me, that connects to somewhere far below the conscious

Somewhere deep and primordial, as it were


It doesn’t matter what context it appears in, I associate the word “absorbent” with paper towels somewhere deep in my primordial lizard brain

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