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happy birthday!!!

Thanks bby I’m living it fabulously!!


Canadians becoming more ‘progressive’: poll

Canadians are increasingly embracing “progressive” values that stand in sharp contrast to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s brand of conservatism, a new poll has found.

The EKOS Research poll, to be released Thursday at a conference organized in Ottawa by the Canada 2020 think-tank, reveals a shift in public opinion that could have ramifications for next year’s federal election.

On a range of issues – law enforcement, legalization of marijuana, foreign policy, and the appropriate role and size of government – a majority of Canadians are offside with the government, the survey suggests.

The electorate is becoming rapidly polarized, with a wave of Canadians declaring their political ideology to be “small l liberal,” regardless of which political party they support.

Moreover, the poll finds deep discontent among Canadians in key areas: Middle-class anxiety about the economy; a gloomy prediction about the quality of life for the next generation; a dissatisfaction with the “direction” of the government; and a growing distrust of the political system.

The concern about the health of Canada’s democracy is so deep that 56 per cent support the notion that voting in this country should be mandatory, as it is in Australia and Brazil.

The poll was commissioned by Canada 2020, which promotes “progressive solutions” to Canada’s policy problems.

EKOS president Frank Graves said the new polling data show a significant shift in public opinion.

“Values are pretty glacial things,” said Graves. “They don’t typically shift that much but they seem to be moving as a response to, I think, being governed from the right.”

For years, he said, there were no major differences between the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives. But that changed in 2006 when Harper came to power under a new Conservative banner that included previous members of the Reform party.

Harper won three elections with that new political “style” and policy “emphasis,” said Graves.

“They were OK with it for a while,” he said of Canadians, “but it seems now they are going ‘No, that’s enough.’ ”

On that point, the poll shows where Canadians stand on what could be a ballot box question in the 2015 election.

The Liberals and New Democrats are advocating new programs in a range of areas, although the details haven’t been sketched out. The Conservatives, by contrast, have been touting the importance of lean government and tax cuts.

Ekos found 57 per cent of Canadians say the best option for moving Canada forward is by “increasing the role of government to invest in new areas such as job creation, public infrastructure, and stronger social security.”

Meanwhile, 44 per cent say the best option for moving Canada forward is by “reducing the size of government and providing targeted tax relief in order to allow the private sector to propel growth and jobs.”

Graves said there is a disturbing disquiet in the middle class that could become a crisis if left untended.

“When you have a shrinking, pessimistic middle class that feel they are falling backward, that’s never a good harbinger for the future. If that doesn’t get turned around, we’re in huge trouble, I believe.”

Poll highlights

47: Percentage of people who consider themselves “small l liberal” now, compared to 24 per cent in 2008. The change comes as far fewer people say they have no ideology. Twenty-seven per cent say they are “small c conservative” now, compared to 28 per cent in 2008.

29: Percentage of people who say police should have more powers to ensure security even if it invades Canadians’ privacy, a drop from 60 per cent in 2008.

57: Percentage of people who say marijuana should be legalized, something that is proposed by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau but firmly opposed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government. Twenty-six per cent support decriminalization so that possession of small amounts of pot carries a fine, something that is being considered by the Conservatives. Only 13 per cent say marijuana should remain illegal.

40: Percentage of people who say international development and aid should be utmost in Canada’s foreign policy, compared to 37 per cent who say it should be diplomacy and 16 per cent who say it should be defence.

64:  Percentage of people who think the economy’s “incentive systems” are broken and hard work is no longer paying off.

57: Percentage who think the next generation in 25 years will be “worse off” in terms of quality of life, compared to 26 per cent who think it will be the same and 13 per cent who think it will be better.

56: Percentage who support compulsory voting in Canada. Thirty-one per cent oppose it, and 11 per cent don’t have an opinion.

– Methodology: The poll of 1,549 adult Canadians was conducted Sept. 21 to Sept. 25, 2014 and has a margin of error of 2.5 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

What is Canada 2020?

The poll was commissioned by Canada 2020, which promotes “progressive solutions” to Canada’s policy problems.

More than 400 people will attend its two-day conference in Ottawa, where speakers will include Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, former Quebec Premier Jean Charest and Conservative Employment Minister Jason Kenney.

Canada 2020 co-founder Tim Barber said he hopes the conference will focus debate on the proper role of government.

“As a progressive organization, we care about government. We think that government matters. I think there is a need to re-articulate what that vision looks like. And there’s something between the nanny state and the minimalist state that’s the sweet spot,” he said.

– Mark Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen

Dear universe:

I know Canada is in need of blood donations right now. I know. It’s important. A medical necessity. I got it. All the same, if you could please refrain from putting links with big fucking pictures of needles and IVs in people’s arms right on the front of my Facebook page I would really fucking appreciate it. I do not need to start having crawling skin or phantom twitches in my arm, thank you very much.

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Hello! Happy anniversary of your first successful endeavours in such important fields as breathing, making noises, being looked at by people, and being partially concealed by pieces of fabric. Hope you enjoy exercising those skills today. J x

Omfg Jamie this is the most wonderful birthday message I have ever received, thank you, you are a true delight.

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I hoped I wouldn’t have to do this for a while yet, but financial aid money doesn’t last long when you’re poor and desperately in debt. :/

So yeah, I’m still disabled (and thus unemployed), and still need a way to pay rent / bills / debt / etc.; also, I will be out of meds in a couple of weeks. The good news is, I can get my meds for cheap(ish); the bad news is, no income still equals no money. Could you please help me out and/or signal-boost if you can? Thanks much. <3

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