Buy me a drink first, soldier.

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Herc:  So we're fine. As long as no one clones any Kaiju.
Newt:  Question.
Herc:  What's your question, Newton?
Newt:  I cloned Kaiju.
Herc:  What.
Newt:  You told me to.
Herc:  How many?
Newt:  I have done nothing but clone kaiju for three years.


all you need to know about the star trek fandom is that one time i made a joke post about butt dialing on command consoles on starfleet spaceships cause jim kirk likes to sit on everything that isn’t a chair and it generated a massive reblog chain with folks seriously discussing the future technology of command consoles and outlining the scientific developments necessary to prevent butt dialing from happening

AU!Prequel/Crossover mash-up thingy: After his arrest, Stacker Pentecost (known within The Block by his middle name ‘Moses’) has a choice - a long stay at one of Her Majesty’s Young Offender Institutions or four years at military school. Figuring he’d at least have a place to lay his head, Stacker chose military school. Not long after enrollment, Stacker was praised by his commanding officers for his quickly-learned talents, causing him to pursue a successful military career after graduation. When the first Kaiju attack occurs, he is reminded of the alien monsters of his past and quickly becomes part of the PPDC, first serving as a volunteer for the Jaeger Program and soon after becoming it’s liaison. 

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