Also, for your edification…

Other characters I considered but cut myself off from for the sake of not having an endless list of favourites:

  • Mako Mori
  • Puck
  • Tybalt (from the October Daye series, not Shakespeare)
  • James Bond
  • Saaski
  • Bartimaeus
  • Iorek Byrnison
  • Art “Piratica” Blastside
  • Cat Barahal
  • Rory (half-brother of Cat Barahal)
  • Kenzi
Stealing a meme!


The object of this meme is to guess my fifteen favourite characters based on the clues or quotes below! They are from a variety of media and I fully expect that some of them are going to be unknown to my followers, because I read a lot of books I don’t talk about and watch a lot of sadly obscure movies. But have fun trying anyway!

  1. The green-skinned, black-eyed number one reason I identify with changeling girls. Kaye Fierch.
  2. "I like this poker thing."
  3. Golden retriever robot pilot. Raleigh Beckett.
  4. Not actually from Cheshire. The Cheshire Cat.
  5. "Because you’re perfect." "You have a point there." Perfect Tommy.
  6. It’s only forever—not long at all. Jareth the Goblin King.
  7. Has training with deep, existential questions.
  8. Blue hair, eyes on her palms, and human teeth.
  9. A grim bloody fable with an unhappy bloody end. Demoman.
  10. Precocious Oxford ragamuffin god-killer. Lyra Belacqua.
  11. Is definitely attractive to gay guys. Stiles Stilinski.
  12. "How long have you been a homosexual?" Victoria Grant.
  13. "How long have you been a soprano?" Caroll “Toddy” Todd.
  14. Snarky English trying-too-hard sleazy goth bastard with terrible hair. Vex.
  15. Going to win a Fields Medal someday. Lydia Martin.

If anyone would care to clarify Alex’s “that girl from that Bond movie” for number two or take a guess at numbers seven or eight, please, be my guest. I’m going to bed.

15 is clearly Lydia from Teen Wolf, and is thus a babby

Yes good I’m glad someone got it. Lydia is best babby.

How has nobody yet guessed that 10 is Lyra?

I DON’T KNOW but now here you are.

zenami asked:

1. Kaye, 5. Perfect Tommy, 6. Jareth, 12. Victoria, 13. Toddy

Nami knows all the things (Nami has the advantage of me having introduced her to most of the things).

2 is that lady from that Bond movie, 12 is Victoria from Victor/Victoria, 13 is the one responding to that question in 12.

Correct on all counts, if. Somewhat vague.

opalborn replied to your post: Stealing a meme!

Is 4 the Cheshire Cat, and is 14 Vex?


double0donut asked:

9 is a demoman!!! idk any others



image iambickilometer replied to your post: Stealing a meme!

3 is raleigh beckett obvs, 11 is stiles

James is correct on both counts, James wins the prize.

image alienlibrarian replied to your post: Stealing a meme!


Nope, wrong green-skinned girl, though I can see why you thought that!

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