Serious question, internet.

Why do y’all like my eyebrows so much?

I mean, not that I’m objecting, but I seriously get this a lot and it kind of baffles me. Why are my eyebrows so special? Enlighten me?

5 notes:

  1. ginkadia answered: They just kinda… stick out and are like “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!
  2. kiriamaya answered: I like your eyebrows because they’re yours. I know that sounds sappy, but, uhh, it’s what comes to mind :)
  3. thephooka answered: I probably have the stupid answer. I want to draw them. I love Alan Rickman’s nose for the same reason.
  4. ahighbluespook answered: Your eyebrows. They are amazing.
  5. tchy posted this

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