Modern Faery Tales by Holly Black - Devon Aoki as Kaye Fierch; Andrew Garfield as Corny Stone; Tyson Ritter as Rath Roiben Rye; Carey Mulligan as Val Russell; Ben Barnes as Ravus; Tristan Wilds as Luis.

I’ve seen a few fancasts for the Modern Faery Tales before and something I’ve noticed repeatedly is that just about everyone seems to forget that Kaye’s human glamour is supposed to be half Japanese. I’ve also never seen a Roiben I agreed with. Musing on these two facts led me to this. I clearly make excellent life choices.

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    I love that this thing is still getting the occasional note. I have a lot of trouble finding someone who looks like my...
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    Omfg Ravus and Val are perfect please let this happen in real life.
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    I love the picks, everyone looks great! Except maybe not Ben Barnes - maybe someone a bit more weird looking, with a...
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    Agreeing with all of these (including Andrew Garfield, because wow, I never thought of him Corny, but that. Would work....
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    If the writer of the books agrees, it must be perfect!
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    Almost perfect except for Ravus. Actually I would flip Roiben and Ravus. Ravus is supposed to look grumpy and rough...
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    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fantasy casting that I agree with more.
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