Everyone stop what you’re doing and look at this fabulous motherfucker.

This is Ramin Djawadi. He is a Grammy-nominated orchestral composer of Iranian and German descent, born in Duisburg, Germany. He graduated summa cum laude from Berklee College in Massachusetts and then got recruited to Remote Control Productions.

Yeah, that’s right. Hans Zimmer’s film score company.

Where he worked with Klaus Badelt.

You know.

The two guys who scored the fucking Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

What else has Ramin Djawadi done? Blade: Trinity. Clash of the Titans. Red Dawn. Iron Man. Prison Break. Game of Thrones. Pacific Rim.

The awesome guitar soundtrack of Iron Man? Ramin Djawadi. That brilliant opening to Game of Thrones you all love so much? Ramin Djawadi. The fucking amazing theme in Pacific Rim that makes you feel like you could literally take on a kaiju yourself?

Ramin. Fucking. Djawadi.

Thank this guy for your lives, okay, because he is fucking amazing.

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